SHOP RAG    Newslitter of the Wheat State Chapter/ATHS, June 2018

MINUTES OF THE WSC MEETING OF 5-12-18 -  Meeting called to order by Prescient Goering at 12:46 pm at the Barn in Burrton KS.  Secretary report given and  accepted.  Treasurer’s report accepted

 Jan reported some t-shirts were left over and she had them in the car.

 Christmas dinner will held at the Barn in Burrton KS on November 10 2018, visit at 6:00 pm and dinner 6:30 pm.

 Next Board meeting June 13 eat at 6.00 pm and meeting after.

 Next membership meeting June 16 at Goessel KS, eat at 12:00 noon meeting after.

 Meeting adjured at 1:07 pm.


Wheat State Member Hugh Bass passed away 21 April.  He was 81, and had been an owner/operator for over 50  of those years.   Word I have is that they appropriately used Dan's roll-back instead of a hearse at the funeral.

I don't know when Hugh joined our chapter, but it seemed like he'd always been here, til the time came that he simply wasn't.  We had a meeting at his place once, and I recall he had quite a collection of vintage truck tin squirreled away in the woods behind his house.  On .a later occasion he was able to help me with some family history.  My mother had an aunt from Iowa she'd lost track of; the last she knew of her, she'd married the owner of a trucking company in Hutch.  I'd had no luck finding any record of her but wouldn't ya know, Hugh had known her.  When her husband died, she married one of the company drivers, only to outlive him and get hitched to yet another.  Hugh thought one of them was a bit shadey, and said he managed to sell a trailer, the same trailer, more than once, each time keeping the cash while managing to back out of the deal.  Mom got a kick out of that.

So our affable friend is gone, along with a number of others.  An  on-going subject at recent chapter meetings has been the raising of funds to remember them with memorial bricks at HQ.    That's well and good, but let's also try to stay in touch with those who are still here but can no longer participate.  I can think of a couple right now, one of them a founding member.


Auto Restorer Magazine is devoting three pages of the July issue to coverage of our wet annual truck show.  Not a subscriber?  Sign up right away, maybe they'll send you the right issue.  I will mention here that their correspondent saw enough of what one of us has hidden away to say that she will be back.  I will also say that an article I saved ten years ago helped me this week to avoid a $400 repair bill (four hours with breaks, and a $6.19 gasket) (two days later, the front suspension collapsed.  I have too many cars anyway) (no, my repair was not to the suspension).  I've found the magazine to be more than a little useful.


Trip Sheet

16 June – Wheat State Chapter meeting, in the Goessel museum main building, Goessel KS.  Eat at noon, meeting follows.

The Museum that had two trucks etc. at our show will be having a car show

near the June meeting. If any Person wishes to support them all trucks

etc. would be welcome. 

22-24 June – Buddy Sombart truck Show, Adrian MO

12-14 July – Walcott (IA) truckers Jamboree

4 August – Goessel Threshing Days, Goessel.  James and Connie Weins work hard on this one every year.

11 August – Halstead Old Settlers Days Car Show, includes the Sunflower IH show, city park.

?? September – Kansas Rail Fest, Great Plains Transportation Museum, Wichita.  Fred Tefft is in on this.

14-17 sept – Ozark/4 State Truck Show, Springfield MO

06 October – Southwest Truck Parts Truck Show, Pratt KS.  Date/info when available.

26-27 October – Sedgwick Street Rodders Fall Swap Meet, Hutch Fairgrounds.

10 November – Wheat State Chapter Annual Thanksgiving/Christmas Dinner, at the Barn in Burrton.  Visit at 6, eat at 630.
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