SHOP RAG    Newslitter of the Wheat State Chapter/ATHS, March 2018

MINUTES OF THE WSC MEETING OF 2-17 18 - Meeting called to order by prescient Goering at 1:01 pm at Newell’s with 20 present.  We welcomed James who is Bill Pickle Grandson to the Chapter and I seen him along Art Turner working on joining the chapter.

Chris Neil has been nominated to be a board member and it carried. 

The show is coming and it is requesting each member bring at least one offering for a door prizes. 

Bumper to Bumper is our main sponsor and has signed up to donate $400.00.  

Fred Tefft is working on correcting the flyer to including Facebook address. 

3 trials meeting is March 10 2018 at national headquarters. 

Dan Agiess and David Reynolds hog roast is the Saturday after show. 

Next membership meeting March 24 2018 at Carl Weaver food at 12:00 meeting after.


Day Radebaugh was featured in the Wichita Eagle's Wichita on Wheels some years back.  On saturday 10 March he was in it again, with photos of both of his Diamond T trucks.  One truck has a mission statement on the bedrails: “Saving the World, One Truck at a Time.”

Cool.  Terminally Cool.

If you haven't paid your 2018 dues yet,  (I think 39 of us have), you can do so at our meeting on the 24th.  Or you can mail your dues to the treasurer:

Jan Hennes

217 SW 60th

Newton KS 67114

Dues are $12/year.  If you wish to donate to Mitch's brick fund, you can mail that to Jan as well.  When you write your check, don't forget to tell Jan what the the check is for.  If you are combining things on one check, tell her how much goes where.

Just so you know, Jan is putting a lot of effort into our roster.  It can be a bit tough this time of year due to renewals, and the lack of them.  This year there's another headache: HQ is having some difficulty keeping track of membership at their level.  Their problem is also ours because national membership is mandatory for all chapter members, and we report our membership to them.  Lenny is aware of some lifetime members being dinged for not renewing – frustrating, I'm sure.  Jan is working with HQ to get our chapter squared away.  You can help by:

-         Renewing your chapter membership, or letting Jan know that you won't.

-         Renewing your ATHS membership in a timely manner.  I believe this can be done on-line; if so, that may be the most reliable way.

-         Letting someone know if you notice if you aren't receiving your Wheels of Time magazines.

-         Letting us know if you arent receiving your newsletter, which is kind of like “raise your hand if you're not here”, but “snafu”s happen at this level too.  As always, you can chose to receive by Post or e-mail, the latter of which saves us time and money and makes you first to receive this life-and-death info.

Our Truck Show, which is 21 April,  is closing in on us.

-         We will have a meeting 14 April to iron out final details.

-         Set-up begins friday 20 April at noon.  If you're free to help, we'd be very glad to have you on hand.

-         We need door prizes, and ask that everyone try to contribute one.  We plan to auction at least some of them to raise funds, part of which will be applied to Mitch's brick (which stands at $833 at this writing).

-         And, we hope to have you  and your truck at the show on the 21st.  We will certainly need volunteers.

Trip Sheet

16-17 March - The Sunflower Swap Meet at Century II.

22-24 March  -The 3-I Show in Dodge City.  We will not attend as a group this year.

24 March – Wheat State Chapter Meeting, Carl Weaver's  5631 N Ridge Rd, not far south of Hesston.  Eat at noon, meeting follows.

14 April – Wheat State Ch meeting at Newell's truck stop, Newton.  The last before our show.

21 April - our 15th Annual Wheat State Antique Truck Show.

28 April -  Hog  Roast at Dan Agee's, Nevada MO.

18-19 May  - Sedgwick Street Rodders Spring Swap Meet, State Fairgrounds in Hutch.

?? October – Southwest Truck Parts Truck Show, Pratt KS.  Date/info when available.,,and on Facebook at ATHS Wheat State Chapter