SHOP RAG    Newslitter of the Wheat State Chapter/ATHS, October 2018

MINUTES OF THE WSC CHAPTERMEETING OF 9-15-18 - Meeting called to order by President Goering at 12:56 pm with 18 members present.  Secretary report accepted.  Treasure report accented with a positive balance.

Scott reminded all to furnish door prizes for an auction for the holiday dinner.

It is in the process of selling Newell’s so we may have to be looking for facility to hold our truck show.  A few suggestions were forthcoming.

It was decided to have the wheat scroll at the top of the brick to honor past deceased members and it was approved.

For a $100.00 donation you can get your name or business logo on the t-shirt (for our truck show t-shirt) and receive a free t-shirt.

Approximately 6 are going to Pratt for October 6 for their truck show.

It was discussed of have a raffle to choose to choose a truck to display on the front of t-shirt no action taken at the time.

Meeting adjourned at 1:40 pm.


This newsletter is late, shorter than usual, and in larger print to fill some space.  My thanks to Todd for rushing this out after the last minute.  We all try to avoid letting this happen, but we've also all heard about best-laid-plans.

Please note that our October meeting will be very shortly after you receive this.


We need door prizes for our upcoming annual dinner.  I'm donating a couple of Peterbilt books and a new Mack ball cap.  If you have anything you would like to donate, or wish to purchase something to donate, please do so and get it to Jan Hennes (316-288-0085) soon.  If you have something they might make into one of their great home-brew gifts, look into it right away, as those things take time.


Heads up: at the board meeting last wednesday, members present voted to break with tradition and have our 2019 truck show on the saturday before tax day, making it 13 April.  I wasn't there so I can only guess the change was made to avoid conflict with something.  So do your taxes early.


Trip Sheet

Saturday 13 October – Wheat State Chapter Meeting, at The Barn in Burrton.  Eat at noon, meeting follows.

26-27 October – Sedgwick Street Rodders Fall Swap Meet, Hutch Fairgrounds.

10 November – Wheat State Chapter Annual Thanksgiving/Christmas Dinner, at the Barn in Burrton.  Visit at 6, eat at 630.,,and on Facebook at ATHS Wheat State Chapter