SHOP RAG    Newslitter of the Wheat State Chapter/ATHS, November 2019

(Large print edition)


We're short on things to report this month – the October meeting was at the motorcycle museum in Marquette with no business conducted and no minutes recorded.  We're at the end of our year for meetings and activities and I have no info on any of next year's events other than our truck show (fyi, publicity has begun, and as I write this it is exactly six months away) so there is nothing new there, either.  With nothing else to report, this month's newslitter is effectively just a flyer for our...




Saturday 16 November

The Barn in Burrton

Visit at 5, eat at 6

Roast beef and ham

$15 per person

We bring desserts

 Chapter Elections

Door prizes

Auction by Dave Reynold

(Door prize and auction donations encouraged)

Reservations encouraged

Jan 316-288-0085

Voice/Text/FB Messenger


Regarding elections: Bondo has been nominated for President, Chris Neil for VP, Todd Wilson for Secretary, and Jan Hennes for Treasurer (incumbent).  The floor will be open for nominations.


And finally, the Hutchinson Christmas Parade is 23 November.  I have no other info on it at this time.  If Todd hasn't edited this by the time you get it, look for better info at our dinner on the 16th.


Easiest newslitter ever.  See you at the dinner.,, and on Facebook at ATHS Wheat State Chapter