SHOP RAG    Newslitter of the Wheat State Chapter/ATHS, May 2018

MINUTES OF THE WSC MEETING OF 4-14-18 - Meeting called to order by President Goering at Newell’s Travel Center at 1:01 pm with 23 members present.  Secretary report given and approved Treasurer Report given and approved.

 Scott reported Newell’s Mary would have surgery next week to fix a shoulder injury.

 Conklin Cars has approved the use of there lot for parking. 

Scott was going so fast on sponsor I couldn’t keep up with him so they will be announced at the show.

 Bumper to Bumper has bailed out on being our being main sponsor to our show.

 Food for thought at next year’s show have fire trucks and wrecker trucks do a demonstration. Possibly pick up another main sponsor for the show.

 Pratt at South West Truck has invited us to bring our trucks to their October show. 

Thank you to Wanda for providing desserts for the crew. 

Next Board meeting May 2 2108 eat at 6:00 pm meeting afterwards. 

Nets membership meeting May 12 2018 pm eat at noon meeting afterwards facility to announced.

 Meeting adjourned at 1:26 pm.

Our Truck Show was likely our wettest yet.  It never poured or came close to it, but there was a light rain falling virtually all day.  The turn-out was what you might expect in that circumstance, just 20 registered trucks, but we nonetheless had a room full of attendees for the auction.  Dave Reynolds made the trip from KC again to handle the aution for us and it raised a good bit for our treasury.  The auctioned items were all donated; I do not have a list of the folks who supplied them, but they sure helped make the day.  I do have a list of sponsors: Regier Construction, Dave Hennes Trucking and excavating, Goering Enterprises, Kustom Karriers, Kustom Warehousing, Fields Brothers Salt Flat Racing, Wichita Trailer, and Steffans Auto Parts in Hutchinson, and our thanks to all.

For several years now we've been publicizing our show in Auto Restorer Magazine.   This year editor Ted Kade asked regular contributor Traci Sipple to check us out, so she drove down for the day with her folks to do just that.  She took lots of photos and met a number of our members,  then we drove to Halstead to see RT's Oldest Gas Station and made a stop at Lenny's shed on the way back.  The short of it is that they were impressed and will be back.  It's up to the editor as to if and when we show in print, but I have a subscription and I'll pass the word as soon as I know.  For those of you who aren't familiar with Auto Restorer, it is a non-glossy print monthly written in no small part by its readership, so it's heavy on projects and technique.  I'm close to dropping a couple of motorcycle mag subscriptions because they've gone the coffee-table route, but this is one I'll keep for sure.

The Hot & Cold Truck Show in Pratt is 6 October at Southwest Truck Parts.  In print, what they want is Big Trucks, as in grain trucks and larger.  The word we have is that they  really, as in really,want to have Wheat State Chapter there, and if your pickup were to tag along with our big trucks you wouldn't be told to park at WalMart.  

The Dispatch is published by our HQ to keep national board members and chapters informed.   Lenny put me on the mailing list recently in an apparent attempt  to show me some intelligent material for the newsletter and wouldn't that be a change?  This month, I finally remembered to check it, and I can confidently tell you that the Lexington Convention will be streamed on the internet, there will be an ATHS YouTube competition(??), and the ATHS and Cummins have a joint promotion in the works and HQ would like to hear from members who have vintage trucks with Cummins power.  Contact Jourdan at, 816-777-5595, with year/make/model of truck and model/size of engine.  They'll make you famous, I guess.

Trip Sheet

12 May – Wheat State Chapter meeting at the Barn in Burrton, BBQ brisket buffet, eat at noon, meeting


18-19 May - Sedgwick Street Rodders Spring Swap Meet, Hutch Fairgrounds

31 May-2 June – ATHS National Convention, Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington

22-24 June – Buddy Sombart truck Show, Adrian MO

12-14 July – Walcott (IA) truckers Jamboree

14-17 sept – Ozark/4 State Truck Show, Springfield MO

06 October – Southwest Truck Parts Truck Show, Pratt KS.  Date/info when available.

26-27 October – Sedgwick Street Rodders Fall Swap Meet, Hutch Fairgrounds,,and on Facebook at ATHS Wheat State Chapter