SHOP RAG    Newslitter of the Wheat State Chapter/ATHS, April 2019

Meeting Minutes, 15 March, The Barn, Burrton.  Called to order 1243pm, President Scott presiding, 19 members attending.  February minutes read, accepted.  Treasurer's report given, accepted, with note that no show expenses have been paid.

Business centered entirely on our 13 April show:

“Lot Closed” flyers are up at Newell's.

Scott showed a computer draft of the dash plaque.  It is un-dated, 210 have been ordered.

Auction time on the flyer is incorrect, should be 2pm.  Change will be made.

Nisely will donate an outhouse in exchange for space on the t-shirt.

Jan is taking  t-shirt orders.  Price to club is 75 for 6.29 each, pockets an extra 3.00 each, 2x another doller, 3x two. Shirts are 50/50, and will be .50 cheaper if we order 100 or  more.

T-shirt ads are now closed.

We still need bag freebies.

What About caps?   Have not been in the plan.  Scott will get price on embroidered caps.  JW will check with source in Goessel, too.

Southwest Truck Parts in Pratt – Scott went there.  They have flyers.  They hop to attend, wont sponsor but want to support.  Their show is in October.

The Hennes' (Henness-es?) donated a tool box for raffle.  Lenny motioned we reimburse them, seconded, carried.

Bondo suggests holding raffle and 50/50 til after auction; general consensus is that this is a good idea.

Scott will bring a roll-off, with a tarp cover, for shelter.

JW and Connie will handle registration inside the roll-off, as trucks enter.

We have east room and east lot from friday noon through saturday at 5pm.

No food will be served outside as has been done in the past.

Newell's would allow outside food venders but we are declining that opportunity, would rather support their indoor business.

Ray Patton will provide  the  PA system.

We need Volunteer Help! (That's a direct request to our members)

Dana will get press release to papers.

Regarding Lot/Show security: we will use trucks to block/control entry;  member volunteers will do shifts overnight.  Bondo will make “Lot Closed” signs.

Jan brought up by-laws: ATHS logo use requires permission, and 10% of purchase price goes to National.

Question raised: Do we need to donate to support National?  (Unresolved)

Meeting adjourned 132pm.

This newslitter may be late getting to you.  I'm easily distracted (in this case by taxes and farm business) and not so good at keeping track of time.  I am often late in getting the newslitter to Todd, but he always manages to send it out to everyone seemingly immediately.  If you have this before the April meeting, he's the one who made it happen.


Save the Truck!

1933 Chevy 1 ton – good for parts or yard art, though Vern reportedly says the grill is worth $300.  In OK panhandle and supposedly home to rattlers so some caution seems appropriate.  Seller is a friend of  San Nikkel, he has more info, 620-747-0660,


Trip Sheet

6 April – Wheat State Chapter Meeting, Newell's truck stop, Newton.  Eat at noon,  meeting follows.  Help resolve final show details!

13 April – 16th Annual (Really??) Wheat State Antique Truck Show, Newells Truck Stop, Newton KS.  Member volunteers and trucks needed!

17-18 May – Spring Swap Meet,  State Fairgrounds, Hutch

31 May-2 June – ATHS National  Convenion, Reno NV.

8 June - 1st Annual Meriden Antique Engine & Threshers Association Truck Show, KS4 east of Meriden.  Swap meet, vendors, auction (flat top sleeper,“wheel house” Dodge, camping.  Info 913-426-7154.

25-26 October – Fall Swap Meet, State fairgrounds, Hutch.,,and on Facebook at ATHS Wheat State Chapter