SHOP RAG    Newslitter of the Wheat State Chapter/ATHS, February 2018

Minutes of the WSC meeting of 1-20-18 - Meeting called to order by President Goering at 12:54 with 23 members present.  The minutes was so far in history that it was history.  Jan give the treasurer report and it was approved.

President Goering thanked Carl and Sharon for hosting thee meeting.

It was decided to give Mitch a $1000.00 dollar and  $2,500.00 for past members in memorial.

April 4,5,6 is the show in Great Bend.

3-I show in March 24.

Our show is April 20 Move in Friday and show is Saturday.

January 27 is the national meeting at home office.

Next board meeting February 7 2018 The Barn in Burrton eat at 6:00 meeting after.

Next membership meeting February 17 2018 Newell's in Newton eat at 12:00 meeting after.


What Really Happened - “Meeting adjoined”?  Andy,  did you get ambushed by spellcheck?  Or are yoose goin' Brooklyn on us?   We had a good turnout, great deserts, a productive meeting, and a very interesting venue.  Thanks, Carl & Sharon.


If you haven't paid your 2018 dues yet, you can do so at our meeting on the 17th.  Or you can mail your dues to the treasurer:

Jan Hennes

217 SW 60th

Newton KS 67114

Dues are $12/year.  If you wish to donate to Mitch's brick fund, you can mail that to Jan as well.  When you write your check, don't forget to tell Jan what the the check is for.  If you are combining things on one check, tell her how much goes where.


Please note, our February meeting will be at Newell's in Newton, not elsewhere as originally planned.


Lenny forwarded some notes from Dave Hemelright, RVP for Alabama/Georgia/Kentucky/Tennessee, about the winter ATHS board meeting.  A few slices from it: ...the new Executive Director, Laurence fantastic. A vibrant, energetic, forward thinking leader who will lead ATHS into the 21st century to become the proper professional society, not a club, that we are.... All in all, this was one of the best Board of Directors’ Meetings (as agreed by many) that we have had in years. There was no dissention, disagreements or ill feelings among the Board members.  Despite all the rumors and innuendos there is no disharmony among staff, Executive Committee and Board members. There also is no fiscal malfeasance.  ...the ATHS “Home Page” is obsolete. The Forum is dying a slow death at this point, too. Online forums are now conducted on the ATHS Face Book page. Look there for all information and conversations. YouTube is expanding by leaps and bounds.  Our volunteer IT Board members are making the Face Book and YouTube sites user friendly and ‘fun to use’. Meanwhile, they are trying to develop a new “Home Page”.  The annual YouTube video contest is still in place. Some of the DVDs that are for sale on the ATHS website are now on YouTube for viewing.  ...Tractor Supply will no longer be carrying Wheels of Time.


Trip Sheet – A bit thin yet, but it takes a while for word to get out.

17 Feb – Wheat State Chapter meeting, Newell's Truck Stop, Newton, eat at noon, meeting follows.

16-17 March - The Sunflower Swap Meet at Century II,

22-24 March  -The 3-I Show in Dodge City.

18-19 May  - Sedgwick Street Rodders Spring Swap Meet, State Fairgrounds in Hutch.

21 April - our 15th Annual Wheat State Antique Truck Show.,, and on Facebook at ATHS Wheat State Chapter