SHOP RAG    Newslitter of the Wheat State Chapter/ATHS, August 2018

MINUTES OF THE WSC MEETING OF THE 6-16 18 - Meeting called to order by President Goering at 1:25 pm at Goessel Museum in Goessel KS with 16 members and guests present.  Secretary report given and accepted.  Treasurer report approved and accepted with a positive balance. 

Jim will run the big engine after lunch. 

Scott thanked the Museum for hosting the meeting and Connie and Jim for providing lunch (you noticed I did not include Jim in fixing tater salad and beans}. 

Let the t-shirt committee know (any board member) if you want to vote for pockets are no pockets on t-shirts. 

August 25 is the Show at Brookdale Retirement center.  This is the retirement center Red Hoffman is a resident.

 It was decided that we will be a no show at the July 4 parade in Hutchinson since only two trucks have been showing up

Fred reported that Rail Fest there is no parking for trucks so it is cancelled.




- as you just read in the minutes, there will be no membership meeting in July.  What it comes down to is this: we typically have our meetings the second or third weekent of the month, except in August, when we just as typically have our meeting the first saturday at the show in Goessel.  I don't know WHY they have to have their show so early in the month - NO ONE ever consults with US before making THEIR plans – but the bottom line is simple, we don't need to schedule our meetings only a week or two apart.  So, we voted to take the easy way out and ignore each other for the month of July.  For this year, that includes the 4th.  In recent years, Todd, Bondo, and Andy have been the only ones to show up for the Hutch parade, and they're just as tired of sitting out in the heat as the rest of us.

- There's much coming up in August.  In addition to the meeting at  the Goessel show on the 4th, there's the Old Settler's show in Halstead on the 11th.  This is not a Wheat State function, but a number of our members will be there to support the Sunflower IH annual show, which is in the southeast corner of the park (WS chapter member Richard Trasher is an organizer for both events).  There are other reasons to attend: the park has abundant amounts of shade, and there are other things to see and do (Old Settler's is a community festival).  I suggest, with enthusiasm, setting aside time to visit the airfield (north of town, on the north side of US50) for the fly-in in the morning.  It's a grass airstip, which should suggest the type of aircraft you'll see there, in  impressive numbers.  I think they'll serve breakfast.  If you do go to the fly-in, and you aren't used to being around aircraft, some advice: don't touch, be always in control of  kids and  pets, and always alert to surroundings.

- Also in August, the Brookdale Senior center car show on the 25th, in Hutch.  I don't yet have specifics for this event – it is a fund raiser, I'm sure, so there'd be an entry fee.  I, and other Wheat State members, are pushing this  event because this is the current residence of once-active and still-enthusiastic Wheat State member Red Hoffman.  As a driver for a retirement community here in Newton, I can tell you that the residents really appreciate events such as this.

Trip Sheet

 No membrership meeting.  Feel free to fill in whatever july date works for you..

12-14 July – Walcott (IA) truckers Jamboree

4 August – Wheat State Chapter Meeting  at Goessel Threshing Days, Goessel.  Show yer truck, eat at noon-ish (lunch available), meeting follows.  While you're there, see/hear the humongous stationary engines and other exhibits and demonstrations. James and Connie Weins work hard on this one every year.

11 August – Halstead Old Settlers Days Car Show, includes the Sunflower IH show, city park.  Neat cars and trucks, in the shade.

25 August– Brookdale Senior center car show, 2416 Brentwood, Hutch, Red Hoffman's residence.

14-17 sept – Ozark/4 State Truck Show, Springfield MO

06 October – Southwest Truck Parts Truck Show, Pratt KS.

26-27 October – Sedgwick Street Rodders Fall Swap Meet, Hutch Fairgrounds.

10 November – Wheat State Chapter Annual Thanksgiving/Christmas Dinner, at the Barn in Burrton.  Visit at 6, eat at 630.,,and on Facebook at ATHS Wheat State Chapter