SHOP RAG    Newslitter of the Wheat State Chapter/ATHS, October 2019

Minutes of our meeting, 14 september at the Weaver's, near Hesston.  Called to order at some point when we were all waiting for burgers and brats, Loren Hennes at the grill, 24 members and guests attending.

There were no minutes to report for the two previous meetings.  The Secretary did not attend either one, and no one acted in his place, quite likely because no one wanted to interrupt a good time.  Lenny gleefully motioned acceptance of this non-report, motion seconded and cheerfully passed.

The  treasurers report was given, accepted.

Subject: a brick at HQ for Red Hoffman.  Cost is $1000, several  donations toward it already made.  Motion to purchase the brick made, seconded, passed.

Jan reports a leadership seminar will  be held at HQ on 25 October.

The Pratt show will be 5 October, Lenny plans to go.  Word we have  is that Pickups are now eligible for entry.

October meetings: Board, 2 October, the Barn; membership,  12 October, at the motorcycle  museum in Marquette.

Subject: t-shirts – Jan still has plenty.  After discussion, motion  was made to skip t-shirts for next year's show, seconded, passed.  RT suggested we give leftover shirts to other chapters, to let them know we're here.  Bondo raised a question: what, other than t-shirts, could we do at our show to generate income?  Question  left open.

Don Grier, of Pratt, passed away recently.  He used to handle our website, and he posted video interviews from our '08 Hutch National on you-tube.  A memorial service was scheduled for 26 September; no other info was available at the time of this meeting.

Pres. Scotty asked if anyone was not getting e-mails.  Some discussion followed; our roster is apparantly not current.

Our Holiday Dinner – 16 November at the Barn, Burrton, roast beef and ham and our own desserts.  Motion made to give Jan $500 for door prizes, seconded, passed.  5pm visit, 6pm eat.  We plan to have Dave Reynolds again for the auction.  Jan asked for raffle item contributions.  Elections will be held at the dinner.

Subject: elections – a motion was made to nominate Bondo for President and Chris Neil for Vice President, seconded, passed.

Meeting adjourned at some point, I neglected to  note when.

Space Filler – We're supposed to hold elections every two years, at the November meeting.   I know this is in writing somewhere, and I know that it's slipped our corporate mind more than once.  As per the minutes, some nominations were made at the September meeting.  Not mentioned in the minutes is this: nominations are not closed, and won't be until we vote at our dinner in November.  If you are interested in running for an office, all you have to do is say so, or if you want to  maintain a veneer of modesty you can always slip a twenty to the member seated next to you, quid pro nomination.  Or, if you wish to appear aloof, you can simply manage to be absent and risk being nominated anyway.  All offices are open.

“All offices” means mine as well.  With the exception of Andy's tenure, I think I've been secretary from the start.  I know for sure that except for a brief period, I've always done the newslitter.  I've enjoyed it, but I'm finding it harder to keep the newslitter”fresh”, and family and civic commitments elsewhere are making it harder for me to keep up with the chapter.  At the last board meeting, I asked to be relieved of my duties by the end of the year.  This isn't set In cement yet, but Todd sounds like he wants the position and I couldn't be happier for the chapter.  He is considerably more computer-able than I, and has reliably handled distribution of the newslitter for many years.  If he is still willing, and no one else does it first, I will nominate him at our dinner.

Fred Tefft has prepared a flyer for our spring truck show.  If it's not already on our website or facebook, it should be soon, along with hardcopies at our meetings.  Please share it, on-line and at events you attend.  I don't mention Fred often, but he, along with Todd, is one of our go-to guys when we need computer stuff done.

The Guilty by Association Truck Show in Joplin will, in the future, be held bi-annually, on even years.  Event planning required too much time for them to continue doing it annually.

Trip Sheet

12 October –  Wheat State Chapter Meeting at the Motorcycle Museum in Marquette, at 1pm.  No lunch will be served, and since the subject of admission fees did not come up when planning this, assume you pay your own.

5 October – Hot & Cold Truck Show, Pratt.  As per the minutes, I believe this show is now open  to light trucks.  At least a couple of us plan to go.  I'm told some ATHS members from Texas plan to be there.

25-26 October – Fall Swap Meet, State fairgrounds, Hutch.

16 November – Wheat State Chapter Holiday Dinner, the Barn, Burrton.,, and on Facebook at ATHS Wheat State Chapter